No matter your trading skills or experience we support your development without putting your own capital at risk. Our program is meant to assist you to manage risk and become systematically a profitable trader


No recurrent charges or other hidden fees. Only One single Payment and start immediately your professional journey to success.


We are the only company that offer a monthly salary even if you end the month with losses.


Our successful traders get the advantage of increasing their accounts and their salary as well


Your success is our priority, FXM Funding has been developed by real traders who know, by experience, the real struggle and hard work behind making profits and becoming consistently profitable. For this reason, we offer a fixed guaranteed salary even if you don’t make any profit in any particular trading month.




We have built FXM, an international prop firm, with a goal to provide better trading conditions for our traders to have the right capital + right mindset. The right mindset comes from a clear head, not impacted by fear or greed or lack of capital and the need to pay the bills are a fact that affects the psychology of the trader. As a result of these circumstances, the negative emotions (fear and greed) take control of your decision. To avoid this negative and uncomfortable thinking, we have offered a guaranteed salary to our traders even if they don’t make any profits. In consequence, our traders will be more aware and more focused on their trading without forcing their trades or worrying about the bills at the end of the month. As a result, the traders of FXM have the opportunity to follow their passion and never quit until achieving the big goal and becoming really successful traders.


Our successful traders get the advantage of increasing their account and their salary as well. Feel free to go through our FAQ section, or get in touch with our live support or send us an email and we will respond to all your queries. We hope to have you join our FXM family and grow together


The idea for FXM was developed by two experienced traders from London and Dubai. For one reason – helping our traders to avoid the path that we have faced when we started trading 7 years ago. In our trading path, we have learnt the hard way what it really means to not have the right capital and what is the turning point to get consistency. Trading is easy and simple when these two elements are connected and of course, we don’t talk about experience. Right capital + Right mindset = consistency.


If you share the same passion for trading as us you can be a part of FXM and start your journey to be a winning trader with the best trading conditions and the right prop firm that understand your struggle. We are committed to supporting you in all aspect such as customer care, technology, finance, for one goal to develop a win-win relationship and build a serious community of traders